A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö

A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö is a company that was born when the old A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö divided in 2001. The company’s business involves real estate, forestry, guest services, nature services and computing services.







Ahlstrom Glassfibre Oy

Ahlstrom is the leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality fibre-based materials. The fibre textiles and specialty papers manufactured by the company are used in many everyday products, such as filters, hygienic wipes, flooring materials, labels and tapes. Ahlstrom’s fibber know-how and innovations have taken the company to a strong market position in various fields of business. In 2007, Ahlstrom’s annual turnover was 1.8 billion Euros.

The fibreglass business is focused on those subsections of the market where the company can differentiate easily from its competitors’ products. This is achieved by combining both fibreglass and nonwoven tissue expertise when manufacturing specialties. This field of business had customers all over the world. Currently, it has two factories in Finland, one in Russia and one in the United States.

Andritz Oy

ANDRITZ Oy is one of the world leaders in the supply of pulp and paper industry systems, equipment and services. The company’s product ranges cover wood treatment, fibber processes, chemical separation and pulp treatment. In addition, ANDRITZ offers various biomass boilers and gasification plants for energy production. Located at Tampere, ANDRITZ HYDO Oy supplies systems, equipment and services for the hydropower industry. ANDRITZ Oy’s turnover is approximately 500 million Euros, and it employs about 1000 people. The company’s centres of excellence are situated in the Eagle-house in Kotka, Savonlinna, Varkaus, Hollola and Tampere. The company’s headquarters are located in Helsinki. The chairman of the board is Wolfgang Leitner (ANDRITZ AG), and the CEO is Harry Rickman. The company is owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ AG. Savonlinna Works Oy is a subsidiary of ANDRITZ Oy.

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Contact information:

Kyminlinnantie 6
(PL 500)
48600 KOTKA
Ph. 020 450 5555


Coor Service Management is the leading Nordic country providing integrated service solutions. Coor specialises in managing, developing and streamlining service functions for the private and public sectors. Our service range includes all those support services that are a prerequisite for good and efficient business of companies or the public sector. Our service range is always tailored according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Coor has extensive expertise in four service areas:

  • user services (e.g. cleaning, lobby and phone switchboard services)
  • real estate services (e.g. property maintenance, upkeep, design services, energy management)
  • industrial services (e.g. maintenance, logistics)
  • strategic counselling.


Cursor Oy

Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company

Supporting business growth and development in the Kotka-Hamina region

Cursor Oy is responsible for business consultations for the Kotka, Hamina, Miehikkälä, Pyhtä and Virolahti municipalities; and it implements the region’s development projects.

We provide establishing and development help for businesses starting out and operating in southern Kymenlaakso. Cursor helps with internationalization and especially with mapping business opportunities in Russia. We also support companies in moving their business or expanding to the Kotka-Hamina region.

With the help of regional projects, we develop the fields of expertise in the area, and create new opportunities to be successful together with the companies of the area. Cursor is actively involved in improving the visibility and the recognition of the Kotka-Hamina region.

Our offices are situated in Kotka in the Eagle-talo beside the road E18, and in central Hamina. Cursor is owned by the municipalities of the region (Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Virolahti and Miehikkälä) together with the area’s industrial companies and financing institutions.

extension 040 190 2500

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Our office:

Kyminlinnantie 6, Kotka

Raatihuoneentori 16, Hamina

Kotka Coatings Oy

Surface treatments and coatings since 1993 for the industrial sector in entire Finland; using solid expertise. With our mobile equipment, we can perform sandblasting jobs and airless spray painting. Glass bead blasting and ceramic coatings also available. Industrial paint shop 2500 m2.

Contact information:

Kotka Coatings Oy, Takojantie 6, 48220 Kotka

Industrial paint shop: Karhula, Kehätie 50, ph. 05-2276554, fax 05-227 6558,

Jylpy industrial area, Takojantie 6, ph. 05-228 3400 fax 05-228 3737, 

Mediatehdas Dakar Oy

Under Dakar’s roof can be found a production company, an advertising agency and a software design company.

The production company develops and produces TV-series and movies for all Finnish TV channels as well as for international distributions. We also produce promotional films.

The advertising agency designs and produces multimedia, productive contents for marketing and communication.

Heliwood Oy is closely involved with Dakar. Heliwood develops their own software products and designs any online services that the advertising agency and the production company need.

Pekava Oy

Pekava Oy provides integrated document solutions for the printing environment, document management and electronic workflow. Pekava Oy’s services have also expanded to provide digital presentation solutions and it-services for companies, education institutions and the public administration community. Pekava Oy’s local Sharp Centres are situated in Kotka, Kouvola, Lahti and Porvoo.

Pekava Oy
Willam Ruthin katu 6
48600 KOTKA
extension 010 219 1650

Protacon Group

Pro planning is pro quality

Protacon Group is a Finnish high technology engineering and service company. We provide reliable, efficient and flexible solutions to improve the customers' productivity and competitive strength.

We have offices in 10 locations in Finland and employ around 200 automation, electrification and information technology professionals. Our main customers include companies in the energy, forest and metal industries as well as companies operating in the infrastructure industry. Confident about our future, we are seeking continuous growth. The corporate turnover of Protacon Group was approx. €12.5 million in 2011.

Sähköpalvelu Hämäläinen Oy

The company was founded in 1995; we started using our trade name already a year earlier. Everything started with one person, but the staff has grown to a stable count of 8-9 employees o very rapidly since 1995.

We are members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL, and Kotka Entrepreneurs. We mainly operate in south-eastern Finland, our customers include industrial plants as well as properties and buildings of the public and private sectors.


Sonoco-Alcore is the world’s leading manufacturer of cores and coreboards, with 335 locations in 35 countries; and a total staff of about 18 600. Our main owner is the American Sonoco Corp. In Finland, our company has a cardboard factory as well as four core factories. We supply core and packaging cardboard, as well as cores to various countries in Europe. Our main clients are the paper industry and the packaging industry.

Statkraft Suomi Oy

Statkraft is a power company operating in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The company generates power from renewable sources, mainly hydropower. 




Sulzer Pumps

Sulzer Pumps is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of centrifugal pumps and mixers. Our products and services play an important role in the production processes of several or our notable clients in the industrial field. Sulzer Pumps is the largest of the four Sulzer divisions; and its sales and maintenance network covers all central market areas.

Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy is renowned in the world as an expert of pumping and mixing technologies; and the pumps and mixers it manufactures have been designed to function in demanding processes in the paper and pulp industry, in the oil and gas industry, in the chemical industry, in the food, metal, fertilizer and biofuel industry as well as in water and wastewater plants.

The company’s headquarters and factory are situated in Karhula.

Sulzer Pumps has over 60 maintenance centres across the world. The Finnish maintenance centres are located in Oulu, Mäntä and Karhula. Our extensive maintenance network helps us support the business of our customers using tailored maintenance solutions.

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Tietotaito Group Suomi Oy

Tietotaito Group Suomi Oy is a nationally operating Finnish specialist company, which provides services for private entities as well as companies and other organisations. Tietotaito Group Suomi Oy’s private and family services are aimed to complement public services and also correspond directly to private and family needs, incl. parenting, child and youth development and matters related to study difficulties. The services also include psychotherapy in various forms. Tietotaito Group Suomi Oy’s career services help organisations with management, work community functioning and the development of staff work abilities, as well as recruitment. Sports psychologists help athletes to achieve top result, and to deal with disappointments. Our offices are situated in Joensuu, Kuopio, Iisalmi, Varkaus, Kotka, Jyväskylä. Tietotaito Group Suomi Oy’s Kotka office is situated in Karhula at William Ruthin katu 6. 


Our business idea is the manufacturing of high-quality machinery and sub-assemblies. With the help of our business partners, we also supply weldable structures.

Vihmerä Ky/Karhulan Koneistus
Ph. 05 2284000
Fax. 05 2284100






Insinööritoimisto Ville Länsimies,

Jamtec & Pacsdata,

Kielitoimisto Living Language, 

KarMec Oy,

Laskentapiste Balanssi Oy, 

PlanData Oy,

Ravintola Aladoobi, 

RP Group,

Takopaja Antti Liakka,

Heliwood Oy,

Karhulan Teollisuuspuisto / Karhula Industrial Park
PL 38 48601 Kotka, Finland
puh. 010 234 3400