Sulzer’s new executive director visited Karhula

The new executive director of Sulzer Pumps, Klaus Stahlmann, visited Karhula in early July.

Stahlmann, the new executive director, wants to visit his company’s offices all over the world. He’s hoping that personal meetings support open intercommunication with the entire staff as well as clients.

Sulzer Pumps Finland and Karhula were honoured to have the executive director visit them in July. Over the course of spring, Stahlmann had become acquainted with offices in Brazil, France, South Africa and England.

The executive director’s visit to Finland happened to take place at the beginning of July, when the holiday season is in its prime, i.e. when the offices are at their quietest. Despite this, a large amount of employees participated in their executive director’s visit. In addition to meeting the local management, Stahlmann had reserved time to visit the factories at Karhula. The round included visiting the research laboratory, the pump factory and the maintenance centre. In the afternoon, Stahlmann gave a presentation to approximately 300 of the factory’s employees.

Afterwards, the executive director’s programme continued on a smaller scale in the form of meeting ten employees. These employees were of various ages and responsible for various work tasks, and they had the opportunity of a lifetime to address questions directly to their executive director.

The people at Sulzer Pumps Finland believe that the visit during a sunny summer day, and the brainstorming completed during the visit benefited all parties involved.

Image: Sulzer’s executive director was very impressed by Valimo’s know-how regarding the precision and diversity of the Replicast-model.




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