The Aalto vase was designed in Karhula

Karhula’s glass factory clearly has a special place in the hearts of the factory employees and the people in Karhula in general. Glass, of course, has always been a fascinating material; and because glass handling requires special skills, glassmakers have been highly respected in Karhula. Glassblowers in particular. The main emphasis during the 1930’s was on the production of art glass. The top designers and artists worked in Karhula: Gunnel Nyman, Göran Hongell, A.W. Finch, Yrjö Rosola, Aino and Alvar Aalto, etc.

Alvar and Aino Aalto came to Karhula in the late 1930-s, and while working here, Alvar Aalto discovered the first vase in the shape of ”Eskimo woman’s leather breech”. Many versions of the vase were made before it became an internationally renowned Finnish design object, the Savoy vase. These earlier versions still exist even at the industrial park. These can surely be found everywhere in the village as well, like other art glass manufactured at the factory. Secondary versions ended up at the homes of employees, and these were later sold alongside the primary versions at the glass shop of the industrial park. 


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